indradesktop v1.4 beta
Last Update: 2010-03-15
Indradesktop WebOS (Web Operating System) is a
multi-platform web application with operating system features which allows the integration of other web applications in a common environment accessible from anywhere via web browser (Mozilla and IE compatible).
IndraDesktop Sourceforge project can be accessed here . IndraDesktop was created as a spin off development of FLEXO project consisting on an accesible and adaptable learning system.
  • Windows-like interface with icons, start menu and taskbar.
  • Allows integration of multiple URLs or Web applications. This applications can be inside the desktop application (for instance a notepad) or in a external Web Server (for instance a Gmail window)
  • User configuration and session persistence.
  • Constraint and role system to create restricted applications.
  • Users can have a remote filesystem on server.
  • Skins support. A skin can modify CSS and images or can add new elements and modify existing ones by means of javascript language. Skins can define user-configurable parameters such as a personalized background image or a specific date format.
  • Widget support.
  • Multiple virtual desktops support.
  • Simple but powerful Javascript API for applications to manipulate desktop objects such as windows, session, etc.
  • JavaScript event system which makes easy to communicate among applications without browser frame/window structure problems
  • It offers a new file format for installing content on the desktop: DAP (Desktop APPlication). A DAP is a renamed zip file with a specific structure. It may contain the XML definition of some URLs and its asociated icons, full applications or skins.
  • Internationalization support (Initially in English and Spanish, with a possible extension to any other language)